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Complex Case: case 2


Complex cases are those special cases that involve numerous procedures. These procedures usually involve oral and periodontal surgery, endodontic therapy or root canals, and advance crown and bridge techniques.

This was the starting point in my office. During the past two years the patient had lost three front teeth do to trauma. This was the third bridge in the past two years. The patient was unhappy with the previous outcomes.

This is the final image after we completed rehabilition.

Study models are made from impressions of the mouth and teeth.. These are mounted on an articulator and are a diagnostic aid. The relationship between teeth can be seen without the lips, cheeks and tongue obstructing the view.

Simple white wax is placed on the models and sculptured. This becomes a blueprint or mock-up for the final restorations.

The final crowns and bridges are shown on the mounted working models. Notice the pink porcelain added to fill in a gum deficiency from the trauma.

left side

right side