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This is a helpful check list.

Your initial contact with our office can be either telephone or email. Email is becoming very popular with our patients.  The following link will open your email program if it is installed on your computer.  It even worked on my BlackBerry.  If you use a web based web email program you will need to copy and paste.

The reason for your visit.

What is your chief complaint? What are the symptoms? Where is the pain or discomfort? When did it start? What triggers the pain? Have you seen another dentist or physician about this condition? It is helpful if you write down all this information before you come into the office.

Any medication that you are currently taking.

Please write down all medications that you are currently taking. This includes prescribed medication, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, or anything that you are currently taking. When making the list of all your medications include: the amount or dosage, and the reason that you are on the medication. It is helpful to make a copy and keep an up to date version in your wallet for any time that you are visiting any healthcare provider. When your medication changes remember to update your personal copy and inform us, so we can have a record of your most up to date medications.

Previous X-rays.

Do you have any current diagnostic quality radiographs? A full mouth radiographic series or a panoramic radiograph less than five years old or bitewings that are less than a year old are needed for initial diagnosis. If you have any questions about your x-rays, please feel free to call the office.

Insurance Information.

Bring your current dental insurance card that you received from your employer or insurance company. Your dental insurance card may or may not be your medical insurance card. If you do not have a card then bring the insurance company's name and a customer service telephone number. As a service to you, we verify that you have coverage and your benefits.