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COVID-19 Update & Patient Safety

The complete office has been vaccinated for COVID-19

Vaccination Record Cards

Everyone's safety is our top priority. We have implemented several new procedures and protocols in an effort to keep patients and staff safe and healthy. We will continue to monitor guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Colorado Department of Health & Environment, World Health Organization, American Dental Association, and the Colorado Dental Association. We are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19. The areas we have focused on are cleaning and disinfecting, screening and identifying health risks, social distancing, mandatory face masks, healthy habits of the staff during the pandemic, and controlling aerosols.

Cleaning and disinfecting

All surfaces that come in contact with humans are wipe down with hospital grade disinfectants many times during the day. Additional time is required between each patient to sanitize the dental operatories.

We will have the patient wash their hands before and after the appointment. Also, hand sanitizer will be provided.

Screening and identifying health risk

This is done by having the patient complete a simple one page recent health questionnaire and taking the patient's temperature with a contactless thermometer. If the patient does not clear these two criteria of present health we will reschedule them to be seen when they are healthy and have been tested not to be infected with COVID-19 virus. If this COVID-19 infectious patient presents with a true emergency and must be immediately seen, we will refer them.

We will do follow-up calls of patients 3-4 days after their appointment to ask if they have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms since their appointment.

The staff is taking their own temperature several times a day.

Social distancing or patient distancing

We are using a "virtual" waiting room. When the patient arrives they will remaining in their vehicle and call 303-985-0909 when they arrive. We will escort the patient from their car into our office. This limits the possible exposure to other patients. We cannot have patients and others sitting in our "old" waiting room. Most of the time you will be the only patient in our office.

Mandatory face mask

All persons in our office will wear a face mask 100% of the time. If you do not have a face mask we will give you a mask to wear. The staff will be wearing the recommended PPE, which includes surgical gowns, K95 or KN95 masks, face shield, and gloves.

Healthy habits of the staff during the pandemic

The staff is well educated about COVID-19 and know the risks. They will not attend large gathering or fly on commercial airplanes where there is a high risk of being infected. If they have COVID-19 symptoms they will not come to office and will quarantine at home. They will need to be tested and cleared for work by their physician.

Controlling aerosols

We are having the patient at the beginning of their appointment rinse with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, an antimicrobial, for one minute to reduce microbes. During the procedure we are using high volume suctioning around the mouth and as usual using rubber dams. When possible we are opening windows for more ventilation, so bring your own blanket it might be cold.

We are also using air purifiers with True HEPA filters and UV-C light sanitizers.